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The launch of Digital Learning, Real Diving!

Following the DEMA Las Vegas Launch – SSI would like to present DIGITAL LEARNING, REAL DIVING.

And guess what, you’re all invited!

With the evolution of digital learning, SSI has effectively mastered the use of technology to strengthen the learning experience, anytime and anywhere. It’s comprehensive, with first rate videos, illustrations, animations and photos to stimulate the learning experience.

With the launch of their new digital program, SSI is poised to raise the bar, setting a whole new standard in diver education. Prospective students and experienced divers alike will be amazed at the variety of digital content available online and offline. The overview of available courses and multiple languages instantly conveys the depth of opportunity and adventure that can begin with a simple “click.”

After seeing the product, it becomes apparent that a lot of work has gone into the user interface. Navigating is easy and intuitive. The menu system “works” and gets readers to the desired information without lengthy searches. Bookmarks, and an especially useful note-taking app, even allow the user to personalize the learning experience.

Probably the best feature is how it displays on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Everything you need to know about diving from the first night in a pool to the last decompression stop can be held in the palm of your hand.

Digital will support our “Best in Breed” continuing education programs and our unique recognition program that has made SSI the undisputed choice for dive centers, resorts and dive pros to produce committed divers. Others can say they do these things, but we have always done this and this will not change!

It’s simple – just login and learn. By registering with a local SSI Dive Center, consumers can get complete access to SSI Digital products – the SSI App, integrated divelog, digital certification card and a whole lot more.

“We are simply responding to the new reality. There are many ways to reach consumers and each one wants education differently. We realized this is a challenge and we have the unique ability to get results through an integrated suite of digital and print solutions – the NEW EMS (Education Management System),” stated Jean-Claude Monachon, SSI Vice-President. “The market need for integrated products became very clear over the last couple of years. We will deliver a solution to our dive centers, resorts and dive professionals that enables them to reach consumers across multiple platforms with measurable results!”

Please remember, SSI is not just a certification agency. We are your partner in business!
Marco Gervasi, Jean-Claude Monachon and Hassan Rasheed would be very pleased to present you the whole concept, pricing structure and marketing support you will get in the Maldives.

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