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Freediving Instructor Course with World Champion Gianluca Genoni

It is with great excitement that we invite you to attend the Maldives’ first Freediving Instructor Course, which will be conducted by World Champion and SSI Instructor Trainer Gianluca Genoni between 22nd and 29th November. Register until Wednesday, 11th November, 12:00 am Male’ time, to secure your spot!

SSI and Mare Scuba Concept are thrilled to be able to host Gianluca in the Maldives, and offer you a unique opportunity to learn from the very best.

Two programs will be available during the course:

For SSI Divecon and up: 3 days to become SSI Freediving Basic Instructor
For Freedivers having Level 1+2 from SSI or equivalent: Possibility to become SSI Freediving Instructor Level 1

For Freediving Instructors: Possibility to participate in a crossover

Costs without the logistics:
$ 390.- for the Freediving Basic Instructor and crossover
$ 850.- for the full Instructor course including materials and fees

Maximum number of candidates: 12
Venue: TBD

Get in touch with us for more information and to secure your spot:


SSI Renewal Plus Program 2015/16

2015 has been a very exciting year and we are pleased to announce that there’s even more to come from SSI!  Earlier this year, SSI introduced The Digital Revolution, a whole NEW Open Water Diver program to increase sales and 17 additional digital programs, all of which are available in over 20 languages.  The expansion plan is however not yet complete as SSI are bringing out further digital programs such as ‘Perfect Buoyancy’ and ‘Advanced Adventurer ‘ to assist you in  further increasing your sales.

The Digital Revolution also added even more benefits for being an SSI Member:

  • Diamond Access to student & pro material

    Dive Professionals have Diamond Access (offline) to all student and pro materials they are certified to teach, plus future updates are free of charge.

  • Single renewal fee

    Dive professionals pay just one renewal fee for their highest rating and all other ratings are free of charge.

  • Extra insurance cover

    The SSI Insurance Program has been expanded and now covers additional countries to minimize risk.


SSI is making membership in 2016 even more beneficial.  Starting October 31, Dive Centers, Resorts and Dive Professionals can choose to participate in the NEW Renewal Plus, Program.

With “Renewal Plus,” dive professionals will be able to purchase, for their own personal use, exclusive equipment offers at promotional prices directly from SSI. In order to qualify for the offer, the dive pro has to agree to wear the equipment during their classes and to not sell or pass on the item to a third party for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Subject to inventory availability, the 2016 Renewal Plus offer is the MARES, SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITION at a promotional price of Euros 106.- incl. of GST (instead of Euros 304.- Retail Price).

Renewal Plus Program 2016 in detail


The MARES, SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITON is a unique version of the MARES, SMART COMPUTER made exclusively for dive professionals. In addition to the SMART COMPUTER features, the PRO EDITION has limited Black PVD coated bezel and buttons and a red “PRO” mark. The SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITION will ONLY be available to SSI Dive Professionals and will not be offered for retail.

Are all Dive Professionals eligible to participate?

Yes, as long as you renew between October 1 and December 31, 2015, you are eligible to participate.

What is the Renewal Plus Benefit for a Dive Center or Resort?

As a Mares dealer, Renewal Plus increases the visibility and sales of MARES, SMART COMPUTERS through your Dive Center or Resort.  As compensation for SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITION promotion, you will be offered 5 SMART COMPUTERS with 10% OFF for each dive-professional signing up for the Renewal Plus program.
NOTE: Please understand that Non-MARES dealers cannot participate in this offer.

How will the Renewal Plus program be executed?

At renewal, the Dive Professional will be offered the Renewal Plus option in ODiN.  If the Dive Pro takes this option, they will simply pay for both at the time of renewal.

Terms & Conditions

  • Personal Use Only

    By choosing the Renewal Plus option, the Dive Professional acknowledges and agrees that the MARES, SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITION is FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, to wear the computer during class and not sell or pass on the item to a third party for 2 years.

  • Infringements

    SSI will record and track each serial-number of the MARES, SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITION shipped. Any infringements will result in the Dive Professional being charged the difference between the promotional and retail price (€ 304.-) In addition, the Dive Professional will be excluded from any future Renewal Plus offers.

  • Shipping

    The MARES, SMART COMPUTER, PRO EDITION will be shipped to the Dive Center, Resort or Distributor between November 15, and December. 31, 2015.

  • Opt-out

    If you not want your Dive Professionals to participate in the Renewal Plus Program, you can simply choose the “Opt-Out Option” in ODiN. If this is your choice, please inform your Dive Professional that you will not be participating.

  • Subject to availability

    NOTE: The program runs from October 1 – December 31, 2015 and subject to inventory availability. The Renewal Plus program will be processed according to the FIFO standard (first in, first out).


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