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Why liveaboards should choose SSI as their training agency

The recent crossover of 5 well-established Maldives Liveaboards to SSI generated a lot of interest and brought many questions to myself and our office in Malè. Let’s have a look at why the Maldivian Liveaboard, and their guests, will greatly benefit from a switch to SSI:

This is a major factor when working with SSI. The guest completes the Nitrox Course, an Advanced Adventurer or a Specialty on the boat with you – what happens next? Usually the card is sent to the customer within a few weeks or months, in the meantime they have a temporary card… NOT WITH SSI, they get, in real time, a real Digital Certification Card on their own profile – and even better: we print the card in Malè as soon as it’s ordered, in real time. So on the last day of their trip, whilst the guests are waiting on the boat in Hulhumale or on a visit to Male itself, it’s possible for the Liveaboard crew to pick the hard copy of the Certification Card from the SSI office and hand it over directly to the guests on the boat whilst still in the Maldives – think about it!

On the boats stable Internet connections are notoriously difficult to get, but this is not a problem with SSI’s Hub. The SSI Hub is a device, charged with an SD-Card with all the courses on it – it works exactly like an internet hotspot. The device is switched on, allowing connection to a tablet or smartphone and it’s then possible to download any course to the device, fast and uncomplicated. Alternatively, should study with paper-books be the preferred option, please go ahead, paper-books can be purchases from SSI for just $10 – $12, a price no other agency in the business can match. So, whatever the preferred study option, we provide the tools for it – and they work!

The fact that bad internet-connections are no longer a problem, SSI learning materials are state of the art and leading the industry, the prices are very competitive, lost cards are a thing of the past and guests can pick up their printed certifications here from the fully staffed SSI Service Center in the Maldives, is for you, simply one thing: AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE.
And amazing customer service is ultimately SSI’s goal, great service all the way from SSI to the liveaboard operators and from these to the diving guests – everyone’s happy!


In November we will hold a special Crossover for Liveaboards in Hulhumale on 2 weekends (Friday / Saturday). It will be specifically tailored towards Liveaboard-operators and customers.To enquire about this event and receive more details, please contact directly:


SSI Maldives Breaks 3000 Certifications

SSI Maldives breaks 3000 Certifications!

SSI and Mare Scuba Concept’s continued commitment to the Maldives is starting to produce incredible results. In 2017 we have already issued more than 3000 certifications! That is more than we issued during the entire year of 2014, and we are already rapidly closing in on lasts years total of 5200!

This huge mile stone is even more impressive when you consider the biggest months of the year (August and December) are still to come!

A huge thank you must go out to all of our partners across the country for all of your hard work and dedication. We are incredibly proud to work with you all, and know together we will continue to keep pushing the boundaries, and building a diving community that will benefit the whole country.

Thank you to all the SSI Dive Centers and SSI Dive Professionals for helping us to achieve these goals.

Two New Instructor Trainers

2 New SSI Instructor Trainers for the Maldivian Market!

The end of the month saw us award two new SSI Instructor Trainer Diplomas for the Maldivian market. The intensive 10 day course took place on the beautiful resort island of Alimatha in Vaavu Atoll.

Koen Zuurbier and Sebastian Lambarri put in the hard work and long hours needed to be awarded their diplomas, and can now help train the next generation of SSI instructors across the country. Christian Hicks and Martin Langenberg also joined the course at Alimatha, and will now take their Diplomas back to Thailand, where they are based, to continue their work growing the SSI family.

A big well done to all four, for completing this challenging feat, and thank you TGI Alimatha for supporting us over the 10 day course.

SSI Member Meeting

SSI Member Meeting

On the 22nd of April we were pleased to welcome 32 dive professionals to the SSI Member Meeting in Male. This was a fantastic opportunity for people to get to know each other, present new projects and share opinions of the continuing development of the SSI growth in the Maldives, as well as receive all the latest news and updates from SSI HQ.

The event hosted by SALT Maldives, which provided the perfect atmosphere for the meeting, was a big success, and we hope to see many more of our team members again in the future.

Fuvahmulah Dive officially opened

First official SSI dive center in Fuvahmulah!

April was also the month we were able to welcome the latest SSI partner to the fold here in the Maldives. Fuvahmulah Dive officially opened in mid April, and is a special dive center for a special place. Located on the equator in the very south of the Maldives, the stunning island of Fuvahmulah offers a lot of local history, as well as two fresh water lakes!

However it is the saltwater that we are interested in. Thanks to the unique location, and strong oceanic currents many large pelagics visit the areas, even by Maldives standards. Regular sightings of thresher sharks, oceanic mantas, schooling hammerheads and mola molas mean we are sure this island will soon be topping every divers must do list.

As part of the opening celebrations some of our team from Mare Scuba Concept went down to help out, and of course take in a few phenomenal dives. Tatiana and Panda from Fuvahmulah Dive were able to not only show us what the island was all about, but also bring us face to face with a tigershark! For that reason, and for trusting SSI with their new dive shop, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to Tatiana, Panda and their team.

Assistant Instructor Trainer Course at Constance Halaveli

Assistant Instructor Trainer Course for Constance Halaveli 

At the start of the month we were delighted to congratulate 6 dedicated SSI Professionals to the family of Assistant Instructor Trainers on the beautiful island of Constance Halaveli.

The 5 day Assistant Instructor Trainer course is designed to strengthen the understanding of the SSI Evaluation Process, and allows the instructor to assist on ITC’s. It is a fantastic step for them to make along their professional paths with SSI, and bodes very well for the continued development of the SSI team here in the Maldives.

We would like to thank the amazing hospitality and effort made by Angy, Tania and the rest of the team at Constance Halaveli, and again say a big Well Done to the new AITs.

SSI Success Growing in the Maldives

SSI success is growing in the Maldives

After a successful 2016, the growth of SSI has continued into the first quarter of 2017. The new year started well and the SSI family is growing each month in the Maldives. The first 3 weeks of March have been particularly challenging logistically, as Marco Gervasi, the SSI Area Manager, travelled to 8 islands to visit SSI Dive Centres, open new ones and acquire new dive safari boats under the SSI umbrella.

Needless to say, Marco’s hard work led to the following achievements:

  1. Hanimaadho Island: opening of a new SSI Dive Centre, The Barefoot Dive Resort, and the associated crossover of the team to SSI;
  2. Gangehi Island: opening of a new SSI Dive Centre, Gangehi Island Dive Resort;
  3. Dharavandhoo Island: visit of an existing SSI center to discuss future plans and handover new promotional material;
  4. Hulhumale Island: acquisition of 3 new SSI Dive Boats and the associated cross over of the dive teams to SSI;
  5. Maafushi Island: visit of an existing SSI center to discuss future plans and events.

In addition to the above, Marco visited 2 further islands where the opening of a new SSI Dive Centre is just a short step away. More details will follow once the final phase has been completed.

The presence of an active and engaged Area Manager is showing the commitment of SSI to its centers and members in the Maldives, and the continued success is testament to the philosophy.




freediving maldives

SSI Freediving at Sun Diving

SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course for Sun Diving

Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort

7 – 13 November 2016

The Sun Diving Group, consisting of four resorts in the Maldives have decided to embrace the SSI Freediving System and offer the courses to their guests. In order to equip the Sun Diving team with the correct skills and necessary training, a Freediving Instructor Course was recently held at Olhuveli.

With unrivalled structure and materials, SSI has the most recognized and successful Freediving program on the market today, taking participants from complete beginners right through to professional levels and everything in-between.

On 7th November 2016 in Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort, 11 eager participants awaited the arrival of Rene Trost, Mares Opinion Leader and SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer. A smooth landing and swift speedboat ride brought Rene to the island and training commenced with an afternoon of interesting theory lessons.

Hold your breath!

Following the breath hold theory session, the newly gained knowledge was put to the test the following morning with stretching and breathing exercises followed by the first pool session. To calls of “Hold your breath”, (an alien term to scuba divers), the first static session began. Static Apnea is the practice of holding your breath whilst lying motionless on the surface of the water with your head immersed. All the participants managed between 2 and 3 minutes on their first attempt. By the end of the week, after 3 more training-sessions, this performance improved to 3 – 4 minutes – with all participants extremely happy with their progress.

Mental barriers

The ‘Deep Diving’ element of the course proved to be all about overcoming mental barriers. Performance was mixed at the beginning of the module with all the candidates just reaching the target of freediving to the 15m mark. Improvement came quickly though and thanks to Rene’s guidance and encouragement, everyone achieved dives to 20m by the end of the week, with some participants reaching depths as far a 30m!

10 New SSI Freediving Level 1 Instructors

On 13th November 2016, after having passed both the final written exam and the dynamic freediving sections, Sun Diving is proud to announce it has 10 new Freediving Instructors, who are eagerly awaiting their first guests on the Islands of Olhuveli, Villureef, Irufushi and JA Manafaru.

A great addition to Sun Diving’s growing SSI Family!


SSI Maldives

SSI Dive Professional Renewal – More Benefits Than Ever!

SSI Dive Professionals, now is the time to renew your membership! To keep your membership benefits, let us remind you that renewal for 2017 is already possible – and what’s more, we have again prepared a series of offers to thank you for your loyalty and to make your teaching even more enjoyable.

Most importantly, online renewals are even cheaper than last year and we are again pleased to offer the Renewal Plus
for SSI Dive Professionals, allowing you to benefit from being an SSI Instructor.

Please refer to the below outline for details:

1. SSI Dive Professional renewal procedure

No changes have been made to the procedure. As an SSI Dive Professional you simply login into your SSI Professional Area and complete the Online Renewal form. In this form you have to verify your personal data, agree on the standards, choose if you want to take part in the Renewal Plus offer or not (see next point for more information), choose your method of payment and confirm it. Should you encounter any problems with this step, please contact your Area Manager Marco directly for clarification.

2. The SSI Renewal Plus offer for SSI Dive Professionals

This year’s Mares/SSI Renewal Plus offer is the following:

Mask/Snorkel/Fins Set “FOLLOW ME EDITION”. The FOLLOW ME EDITION is a unique Dive Pro Snorkeling System designed by MARES for SSI. Branded SSI, the equipment features a “DIVE PRO” logo and the fins feature a special “FOLLOW ME” on the bottom. The FOLLOW ME EDITION includes one pair of Avanti Quattro Fins, LiquidSkin X-Vision Mask and a “rollup” Snorkel. It is a high-end line of equipment. Recommended retail price is: 250 Euros + GST, however as an SSI Dive Professional we offer it to you for 125 Euros + GST.

Mares SSI follow me set

3. Teach SSI – and pay a smaller renewal fee

This is an amazing offer from SSI to our Dive Professionals: For each registered SSI certification you teach and each SSI Professional course you take, you get experience points. For example: Try Scuba Diving = 1 Experience Point, Scuba Diver = 2 Experience Points, Open Water Diver = 4 Experience Points, Advanced Adventurer & all Specialties = 2 Experience Points etc.

From now onward each experience point will be worth 0.10 Euro cents, and if you renew online, the total will be automatically deducted from your renewal price! This can be a real money saver for the instructor that chooses to teach SSI courses.

We look forward to receiving your renewals for 2017 and hope you avail of the above offers to benefits from all the extras that SSI provides to our loyal Dive Professionals.

SSI Your Furture is the World

Official SSI Member Meeting

SSI has had a fantastic year so far and there is more exciting news regarding the Maldives’ diving industry that we would like to share with our SSI members.

To keep everyone up to date with the procedures on how we can work together to ensure that our operation is beneficial to the SSI Service Center, your dive centers and the customers, we are organizing a SSI Member Meeting.

The official SSI Member Meeting will take place in Male’ on the 2nd of May 2016 from 9:00am – 5:00pm. The meeting will be held at No.5 Conference Hall – 5th Floor, Shinetree Building (SALT), Ismail Didi Goalhi.

To secure your spot, please get in touch with Marco through

We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of May in Male for a quality exchange of information and latest news concerning SSI Maldives.