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Amilla Fushi joins the SSI family

This is to congratulate and to welcome Amilla Fushi to the SSI family!

We conducted an SSI crossover at the beautiful Amilla Fushi resort in the Maldives’ untouched Baa Atoll between 9th-11th February. All five candidates passed the crossover successfully: Antonio Barone, Olga Galaktionova, Finnerty Lambermon, Silvia Fossaluzza and Andrea Balin.

Amilla Fushi, a Maldives’ 5-star luxury resort, has thereby joined the fastest growing diver training agency in the world, SSI.

We wish Amilla Fushi the best of success for the future – they undoubtedly have the perfect setting to be extremely successful and we are certain their guests will be getting 5-star diving and snorkelling experiences with Amilla Fushi’s professional, knowledgeable and attentive team.

Thanks for wonderful three days and congratulations again on your perfect performance!

Mare Maldives SSI Crossover Amilla Fushi

Mare Maldives SSI Crossover Amilla Fushi

SSI real diving

The launch of Digital Learning, Real Diving!

Following the DEMA Las Vegas Launch – SSI would like to present DIGITAL LEARNING, REAL DIVING.

And guess what, you’re all invited!

With the evolution of digital learning, SSI has effectively mastered the use of technology to strengthen the learning experience, anytime and anywhere. It’s comprehensive, with first rate videos, illustrations, animations and photos to stimulate the learning experience.

With the launch of their new digital program, SSI is poised to raise the bar, setting a whole new standard in diver education. Prospective students and experienced divers alike will be amazed at the variety of digital content available online and offline. The overview of available courses and multiple languages instantly conveys the depth of opportunity and adventure that can begin with a simple “click.”

After seeing the product, it becomes apparent that a lot of work has gone into the user interface. Navigating is easy and intuitive. The menu system “works” and gets readers to the desired information without lengthy searches. Bookmarks, and an especially useful note-taking app, even allow the user to personalize the learning experience.

Probably the best feature is how it displays on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Everything you need to know about diving from the first night in a pool to the last decompression stop can be held in the palm of your hand.

Digital will support our “Best in Breed” continuing education programs and our unique recognition program that has made SSI the undisputed choice for dive centers, resorts and dive pros to produce committed divers. Others can say they do these things, but we have always done this and this will not change!

It’s simple – just login and learn. By registering with a local SSI Dive Center, consumers can get complete access to SSI Digital products – the SSI App, integrated divelog, digital certification card and a whole lot more.

“We are simply responding to the new reality. There are many ways to reach consumers and each one wants education differently. We realized this is a challenge and we have the unique ability to get results through an integrated suite of digital and print solutions – the NEW EMS (Education Management System),” stated Jean-Claude Monachon, SSI Vice-President. “The market need for integrated products became very clear over the last couple of years. We will deliver a solution to our dive centers, resorts and dive professionals that enables them to reach consumers across multiple platforms with measurable results!”

Please remember, SSI is not just a certification agency. We are your partner in business!
Marco Gervasi, Jean-Claude Monachon and Hassan Rasheed would be very pleased to present you the whole concept, pricing structure and marketing support you will get in the Maldives.

SSI, Where Your Business Comes First

Click here to find out more about the Event!

Mare Scuba Contept SSI Maldives

Atoll Scuba joins SSI-The Ultimate Diving Experience

You can be confident in the high caliber of training you will receive from a SSI Dive Center or Dive Resort, as these must pass stringent requirements, imposed to make sure you get the best possible experience.

We would like to congratulate Atoll Scuba on becoming a SSI dive center and thereby seizing the big opportunities that SSI membership brings, for the company and their clients.

SSI Maldives looks forward to the cooperation with Atoll Scuba in revolutionizing the diving industry in the Maldives and promises them a beneficial partnership with SSI.

Would you like to find out the advantages of becoming a SSI Dive Center or Dive Resort?

Contact us!


Mare Scuba Concept Maldives

New SSI dive center in the Maldives: TGI Halaveli

It’s with great pleasure to announce that TGI Halaveli has joined SSI-The Ultimate Dive Experience.

Based at one of the top-rated resorts in the Maldives, Constance Halaveli, TGI Halaveli provides you with extraordinary underwater experiences in the stunning North Ari Atoll to perfect your memorable stay at the resort.

We are sure than the high professionalism that TGI Halaveli has demonstrated throughout the years is a great asset to the SSI family, and most importantly – we are certain that the benefits of joining SSI will be immediatly seen by both TGI Maldives and its students.

Would you like to find out the advantages of becoming a SSI Dive Center or Dive Resort?

Contact us!

Mare Maldives

Introducing Julie Giraud of WTI Maldives

We are thrilled to introduce you to Julie Giraud, the person you can now address all your SSI Swim Schools International inquiries to.

Julie started her career as a training coordinator in several major companies in various fields. She conducted large and small-scale training programs and developed strong skills of ensuring smooth and effective functioning of training events. Understanding and attentive towards meeting the needs, it is natural that she became a trainer.

Keen on changing the living environment and getting closer to water, Julie turned toward the yacht industry at first, and then shifted over to water sports and diving.

The ambition of SSI to develop the Swim Schools program in the Maldives sounded to Julie like a great development plan project in which she wanted to take part. Her dedication to providing information and training, related to swimming programs, is beyond expectations and we are certain that Julie is a great asset to the growing SSI operation in the Maldives.

Julie is based in Male.

Don’t hesitate to contact her by using the form below and stay tuned for the latest news from WTI – Water Training International.

SSI Swimming Courses Maldives

SSI Swim School International Swim Teacher Course: Register now for the December course!

If you have a swimming background and a passion for teaching, don’t miss out your next chance to become an SSI Swim Teacher.

The Swim Teacher Course provides all the necessary training and skills to allow you to teach and train people of all ages and abilities in swimming. You will teach using the best techniques to enable youngsters and adults to become independent swimmers.

WTI Maldives  is organizing a Swim Teacher Course between the 1st December – 6th December 2014 in Male. Read more about the sessions in our events section.


Interested in becoming an SSI Swim Centre?

With more than 40 years of experience in the realm of scuba diving certifications, SSI ported over the strong underpinnings of that certification process and applied it to swim teaching to create the most prepared and capable swim teachers in the world.

With SSI Maldives revolutionizing the scuba diving and swimming domain in the Maldives, you shouldn’t get left behind. Contact us using the form below or at 7980774 to get more information about the opportunities that SSI Swim Schools International can bring to you.

SSI Maldives

Meet Marco Gervasi, SSI/Mares Area Manager for the Maldives

With SSI bringing about a revolutionized approach to scuba diving in the Maldives, it is with great pleasure to introduce you to the person in charge of the rapidly increasing SSI Maldives operation – Marco Gervasi.

Possessing extensive experience in the diving industry, Marco is joining the SSI Maldives team with a strong belief that the tide in the industry is changing and that SSI will lead the market in the years to come due to its customer proximity, understanding of the principles of the industry, state-of-the-art education materials, fast reaction times and competitive pricing models.

Marco, a 42 year old Swiss/Italian national, father of 2 children, has high ambitions for SSI Maldives. He takes his task of servicing and developing the market in the Maldives seriously and with great passion. Marco’s experience in instructing and in the management of large dive operations in Australia, Thailand, Philippines and the Maldives, in addition to years-long work in the field of instructor development at PADI Europe, makes him a competent person to help implement the scuba revolution that SSI has begun to implement.

Marco is based in Male, liaising between the dive operators and SSI, organizing instructor cross-overs and instructor trainer courses both in Male and at the resorts, and making sure that the existing SSI centers are getting spot-on support for their activities.

More and more dive operators are making the shift to SSI as the profits are immediate. Why pay higher fees for certifications and materials, if the end result for the student is the same, and it is both you and the student who pull the shorter straw?

Marco is available for all your questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact him using the form below or give him a call to 7940774.


SSI Maldives Freediving

Freediving Instructor Course Presentation at Mare Scuba Concept

Mare Scuba Concept, a Scuba Schools International (SSI) Partner, offers everything you need to kick-start your professional freediving instructor career.

If this is something you have always wanted, you are just steps away from learning to provide the “The Ultimate Freediving Experience”.

Join us for the presentation of the new Freediving Instructor Course on the 4th November 2014 in Male’.

Proceed to the details of the forthcoming event and contact us to find out more about November’s presentation. See you there!









Take your freediving skills to a whole new level

An increasing number of ocean-savvy enthusiasts opt for freediving to complement their snorkelling and diving enthusiasm.

Freediving offers exciting new adventures: unlimited possibilities of thrilling actions, demanding challenges, peacefulness and relaxation. Regardless of whether you are diving to 5 or 15 meters or even deeper, the tranquility that you and your students get to enjoy is unsurpassable; even more so in the Maldives, which offers infinite reefs whose beauty has not been discovered by many freedivers yet.

Undisturbed of breathing noise or heavy scuba equipment, freediving is becoming a popular experience that no real water devotee should miss. In addition to providing a great sense of freedom underwater, your enjoyment can be turned into a highly rewarding profession.

If you are after turning what you love into a freediving instructor career, look no further!

Mare Scuba Concept, a Scuba Schools International (SSI) Partner, offers everything you need to kick-start your professional freediving career or do a cross-over to expand your employment possibilities.

Read more about your freediving certification options available at Mare Scuba Concept and follow the Upcoming Events section for information about what trainings and presentations we are organizing in Male’.



SSI Instructor Crossover – September 2014

Mare Scuba Concept is organizing a SSI Instructor Crossover in Male’, Maldives, between September 20 – September 22.

SSI recognize that as a qualified Instructor you already know how to train divers or deal with certified divers. The crossover is designed to simply familiarize you with the SSI Total Teaching System and the difference in our water skills.

The ratings you currently hold with your other recognized agency will be matched one-to-one with SSI ratings. After completion, you can continue your career with SSI without limits!

Read more about your SSI crossover options at SSI Scuba Schools International and don’t hesitate to contact Mare Scuba Concept for further information about the forthcoming crossover course in Male’.

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