Mare Scuba Concept Maldives

Mares Wetsuit Clearance

Mare Scuba Concept is currently offering an incredible clearance sale on 3 popular items in the Mares wetsuit range! All items are new and unused.

We are looking to clear these wetsuits in order to make room for new stock that will be arriving soon, meaning that the discounts available are for a limited time period only (ie once we are sold out, the offer expires).

You can purchase the items below either at our Mare Scuba Concept shop in Male directly, or simply send an email to

Please see below for more information on the stock clearance sizes and availability.

Rover 5.5 Twin 5mm (2 piece wetsuit)

Clearance price: 85- Euro
Save: Over 40%
Normal retail price: 148.48 Euro

Our clearance sale price for this item is 85.- Euro, which is over 40% discount off the normal price. It is suitable for the warm waters of the Maldives, or in the more temperate waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Rover Twin Wetsuit is a very common choice for dive-professionals.

Mare Scuba Concept Maldives

Rover 5.3 overall with hood (1 pic)

Clearance price: 85- Euro
Save: Over 40%
Normal retail price: 145- Euro

Our clearance sale price for this item is 85.- Euro, that is over 40% discount. This is also a perfect wetsuit for the dive-professional, specially if diving / teaching a lot.

Mare Scuba Concept Maldives

Dual 7mm Man (2 pieces)

Clearance price: 80- Euro
Save: 50%
Normal retail price: 160- Euro

Our clearance sale price for this item is 80.- Euros, a staggering 50% discount. This is the perfect wetsuit for the dive-professional working in more temperate waters such as the Mediterranean or Australia.

Mare Scuba Concept Maldives

Mare Scuba Concept Opening

Grand Opening in Male

Join us this week as we officially mark the opening of the Mare Scuba Concept store in Male!

On 6th September, we are pleased to invite you to the grand opening of the Mare Scuba Concept flagship store.  Kicking off at 16:00, the team would like to invite you for some aperitives and welcome drinks.

Meet the Mare Scuba Concept Team, and find out more about how and why the dive industry in the Maldives is about to change, and how we can help you to achieve your business and personal goals.

Click here to find out more about the event and add it straight into your calendar!



SSI Maldives Online Store

Online Store Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that over the course of the next couple of weeks, this website will be expanded to allow you to purchase all your diving and watersports needs at the click of a button.

The Mare Scuba Concept online store will allow you to purchase all of your SSI materials, Mares equipment, GoPro cameras and watersports needs directly from your computer or tablet device.

Once the order is placed, you will automatically receive a confirmation of the order, and we will ensure that your goods are dispatched asap.

Another good example of how Mare Scuba Concept is revolutionising the scuba diving industry in the Maldives.