Fuvahmulah Dive officially opened

First official SSI dive center in Fuvahmulah!

April was also the month we were able to welcome the latest SSI partner to the fold here in the Maldives. Fuvahmulah Dive officially opened in mid April, and is a special dive center for a special place. Located on the equator in the very south of the Maldives, the stunning island of Fuvahmulah offers a lot of local history, as well as two fresh water lakes!

However it is the saltwater that we are interested in. Thanks to the unique location, and strong oceanic currents many large pelagics visit the areas, even by Maldives standards. Regular sightings of thresher sharks, oceanic mantas, schooling hammerheads and mola molas mean we are sure this island will soon be topping every divers must do list.

As part of the opening celebrations some of our team from Mare Scuba Concept went down to help out, and of course take in a few phenomenal dives. Tatiana and Panda from Fuvahmulah Dive were able to not only show us what the island was all about, but also bring us face to face with a tigershark! For that reason, and for trusting SSI with their new dive shop, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to Tatiana, Panda and their team.