Mare Maldives

Introducing Julie Giraud of WTI Maldives

We are thrilled to introduce you to Julie Giraud, the person you can now address all your SSI Swim Schools International inquiries to.

Julie started her career as a training coordinator in several major companies in various fields. She conducted large and small-scale training programs and developed strong skills of ensuring smooth and effective functioning of training events. Understanding and attentive towards meeting the needs, it is natural that she became a trainer.

Keen on changing the living environment and getting closer to water, Julie turned toward the yacht industry at first, and then shifted over to water sports and diving.

The ambition of SSI to develop the Swim Schools program in the Maldives sounded to Julie like a great development plan project in which she wanted to take part. Her dedication to providing information and training, related to swimming programs, is beyond expectations and we are certain that Julie is a great asset to the growing SSI operation in the Maldives.

Julie is based in Male.

Don’t hesitate to contact her by using the form below and stay tuned for the latest news from WTI – Water Training International.