Nautilus Lifeline

The Nautilus Lifeline is a GPS enabled marine rescue radio that is waterproof to 137 meters. The main aim of the device is to allow communication between a diver and boats and other divers with Lifelines.

In the case of a diver emergency, the Nautilus Lifeline has the capability of transmitting the diver’s coordinates across a 10 300 sq. km (4 000 sq. mile) area.

The Nautilus Lifeline is designed to work all over the world, and will communicate with boats in the immediate vicinity via standard radio frequencies. This allows for a much quicker and effective communication of divers in distress, compared to alternative devices that send the information via satellite. The Nautilus Lifeline is intended for rapid response allowing divers to be found quickly.

Please note that these Nautilus products are only to be used on the surface, and cannot be activated underwater.