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SSI Freediving at Sun Diving

SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course for Sun Diving

Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort

7 – 13 November 2016

The Sun Diving Group, consisting of four resorts in the Maldives have decided to embrace the SSI Freediving System and offer the courses to their guests. In order to equip the Sun Diving team with the correct skills and necessary training, a Freediving Instructor Course was recently held at Olhuveli.

With unrivalled structure and materials, SSI has the most recognized and successful Freediving program on the market today, taking participants from complete beginners right through to professional levels and everything in-between.

On 7th November 2016 in Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort, 11 eager participants awaited the arrival of Rene Trost, Mares Opinion Leader and SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer. A smooth landing and swift speedboat ride brought Rene to the island and training commenced with an afternoon of interesting theory lessons.

Hold your breath!

Following the breath hold theory session, the newly gained knowledge was put to the test the following morning with stretching and breathing exercises followed by the first pool session. To calls of “Hold your breath”, (an alien term to scuba divers), the first static session began. Static Apnea is the practice of holding your breath whilst lying motionless on the surface of the water with your head immersed. All the participants managed between 2 and 3 minutes on their first attempt. By the end of the week, after 3 more training-sessions, this performance improved to 3 – 4 minutes – with all participants extremely happy with their progress.

Mental barriers

The ‘Deep Diving’ element of the course proved to be all about overcoming mental barriers. Performance was mixed at the beginning of the module with all the candidates just reaching the target of freediving to the 15m mark. Improvement came quickly though and thanks to Rene’s guidance and encouragement, everyone achieved dives to 20m by the end of the week, with some participants reaching depths as far a 30m!

10 New SSI Freediving Level 1 Instructors

On 13th November 2016, after having passed both the final written exam and the dynamic freediving sections, Sun Diving is proud to announce it has 10 new Freediving Instructors, who are eagerly awaiting their first guests on the Islands of Olhuveli, Villureef, Irufushi and JA Manafaru.

A great addition to Sun Diving’s growing SSI Family!