SSI Renews ISO Certification Worldwide

SSI is proud to announce the renewal of their ISO Certification (EUF International Certification).

Since June 1, 2010, Scuba Schools International is one of very few training agencies qualified for this prestigious global ISO Certificate. This simply means that for the third time the International Organization for Standardization, certified SSI as compliant with ISO standards for Recreational Diving by an independent auditor. The certificate includes 9 SSI Programs; 6 for divers and 3 for Dive Professionals.

1. ISO 11121 – Try Scuba Diving
2. ISO 24801-1 – Scuba Diver
3. ISO 24801-2 – Open Water Diver
4. ISO 11107 – Enriched Air Nitrox
5. ISO 13293 – Gas Blender
6. ISO 24801 – 3 – Dive Guide
7. ISO 13970 – Snorkel Instructor
8. ISO 24802-1 – Dive Control Specialist
9. ISO 24802-2 – Open Water Instructor

As a Training Agency, SSI is not only ISO complaint, they are a founding member of the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Counsel) whose primary goals are the development of worldwide, national and local minimum training standards.

For more than 45 years, SSI’s rich history has provided Divers, Dive Professionals, Dive Centers and Resorts around the world professional education, quality training materials and scuba certification. By working with an ISO certified organization Dive Centers and Resorts benefit from an additional quality label and Dive Professionals simply have better career opportunities worldwide.

Today, SSI has 30 plus Service Centers, represented in more than 110 countries with over 3,000 International locations. Additionally, SSI publishes both digital and printed training materials in 30 plus languages.

SSI is clearly a name you can trust! We attribute our success to our Dive Professionals, Dive Centers and Resorts, along with our uncompromising training standards and business philosophy. SSI is not just a certification agency – WE ARE YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS! If you want to break the bonds that hold you back from reaching your true potential, call SSI or visit us online at

You can find the certification here.